I’m not an engineer or a machinist by trade (I wish!), just some guy that likes to make fun stuff. I hope to share my passion and recently gained knowledge with everyone! It’s relatively easy for the tinkerer to learn whatever, whenever, and with next to no money spent on software. Almost everything you see here is made in a tiny one car garage, using materials like reclaimed pallets, melted down soda cans, and Ikea cutting boards.

Fisheye photo of one-car garage

Speaking of relatively free, most of my free time is spent learning some new thing in programming, CAD/CAM, or hardware design. I love taking on multidisciplinary projects, and if you’re feeling the itch to get started on your own project, take a look at these sweet free software offerings:

Resources For Getting Started


  • Fusion 360: Free CAD/CAM for hobbyists/small business.
  • Eagle CAD: Free CAD for PCB design.
  • 123D Circuits: Simulate Breadboard prototypes with code. Afterwards, turn the prototype into a PCB that can be purchased.
  • Convert Electrical CAD drawings to Mechanical CAD. Great for bringing EagleCAD projects into Fusion 360.