Lessons From Moving

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What Happened

Things got kind of cramped with all the equipment plus parking my car in there. Like, really cramped. Every day before working in the garage I had to park the car somewhere else and pull out all the equipment so they’re actually usable. It was starting to feel like I’m a fat man in a little coat.

Then the opportunity to move into a bigger garage came up. As much as I love living alone, bigger garage man!

Since this was my first time ever having a garage, much less shop tools, there is still lots I have to learn about effeciently using shop space. Like most other people, I had a spot for all the scrap pieces of wood I just knew would be useful someday. It was a tiny pile at only about half the space. Lesson learned: Get rid of it! It’s not going to happen. If that piece is smaller than around 15x15cm (6”x6”), chuck it out. Heck, maybe even 30x30cm should be the limit.

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